Performance-based pay? Based on what???!!!

Honestly, what I want to know is:

When are the politicians of this country going to get performance-based pay reviews???!!!

I’d like to be part of that review process!

Our politicians don’t know what excellence in education requires – and they certainly don’t seem to take any of their advice about education from teachers (i.e. experts in the field!). Somehow they make teachers sound whingy because we rarely agree with their changes, but I really don’t understand why the Government doesn’t treat teachers as experts in education. It’s actually wierd.

Our politicians do, of course, take lots of advice from business-men when making changes to public education, … but then they don’t submit their own profession to the business model (and, let’s be honest, it’s the Government that’s got the biggest problem with mis-spending and corruption). It’s incredibly frustrating to be a teacher in NZ sometimes!!! Thank Goodness for dual citizenship?


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This blog is a kind of electronic storage locker for ideas and quotes that inform my research... literary research into fiction for young adults (with a special focus on New Zealand fiction). Kiwis are producing amazing literature for younger readers, but it isn't getting the academic appreciation it deserves. I hope readers of this blog can make use of the material I gather and share by way of promoting our fiction. Cheers!
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