“metaphors and stories… shape our sense of professional practice”

“metaphors and stories, especially when they are shared by many people, shape and reshape the social and material worlds in which we live. They also shape our sense of professional practice.” (p.848)

I really enjoyed this article!

Also interesting… in her conclusion, she writes: “it is helpful to understand our own metaphors as theorists, teachers, and practitioners of negotiation. Reflective practitioners of any craft (including negotiation) are more effective when they understand how they are thinking in action. Equally useful is understanding that every negotiator we encounter is also a meaning-making creature, a user of stories and metaphors. We can train ourselves to hear their metaphors and stories’ and to probe them in order to learn more about how they are framing the conflict and the negotiation process, and this in turn opens options for refraining both the conflict and the process we are using to manage it.  A highly skilled, reflective practitioner of negotiation should be able to recognize the way different contexts and social relationships reshape the negotiation experience;21 understanding metaphors and stories is one way to develop this sensitivity.” (p.851)

Ref: Jayne Seminare Docherty (2004) ‘Narratives, metaphors and negotiation’ Marquette Law Review 87; 847-851 http://scholarship.law.marquette.edu/mulr/vol87/iss4/22/

[NOTE: her reference to thinking in action deploys: DONALD A. SCHON, THE REFLECTIVE PRACTITIONER: How PROFESSIONALS THINK IN ACTION (1983); Michael Moffitt & Scott R. Peppet, Action Science and Negotiation, 87 MARQ. L. REV. 649 (2004).]


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