We should look at assessment through a different lens

The Ministry of Education Narrative Assessment Guide states:

“Hipkins (2007) states that “new dimensions of learning are highlighted by the inclusion of the key competencies at the heart of the curriculum. These dimensions challenge some assumptions that are deeply embedded in traditional assessment practices” (page 5). She suggests we look at assessment through a different lens:

‘When key competencies are added to the assessment mix, rethinking these assumptions might lead to ideas more like these:

•… Performance is context specific, so competency is judged only after evidence has been accumulated from a range of performances in varying contexts. One-off judgments have little validity in themselves but may contribute to a growing assessment picture as the student works towards meeting identified learning goals.

•… The context of the task requires careful attention. Tasks need not only to provide opportunities for demonstrating competence, but also to invite and foster students’ inclinations to show what they know and can do. That is, the task must be meaningful and engaging for the student.

•… Changes across similar performances may represent evidence of learning, as the competencies in question are adapted for use in new tasks.'” p26 Narrative Assessment

On this same page of the guide, the Curriculum (I think) is also quoted: “People adopt and adapt practices that they see used and valued by those closest to them, and they make these practices part of their own identity and expertise. The competencies continue to develop over time, shaped by interactions with people, places, ideas, and things. Students need to be challenged and supported to develop them in contexts that are increasingly wide-ranging and complex. (page 1)”

NOTE: apparently Hipkins’s paper Assessing Key Competencies: Why Would We? How Could We? is available at http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/implementation_packs_for_schools/assessing_key_competencies_why_would_we_how_could_we


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