Health supportive environments, and reasonable person model

Kaplan, Stephen and Rachel Kaplan (2009) Health supportive environments, and reasonable person model American Journal of Public Health 93(9)September, pp.1484-1489

“Urban ills are all too familiar, as is their capacity to undermine health. The results of numerous studies have increased our understanding of pieces of these problems but have been less effective in drawing attention to their interrelatedness. In this commentary, we suggest a conceptual framework that provides a broader view, embracing domains currently addressed by disparate fields of study. The Reasonable Person Model (RPM) bridges environmental factors and public health domains by focusing on meeting people’s informational needs. RPM posits that people are more reasonable – cooperative, helpful, constructive – when the environment satisfies such needs.” (p.1484)


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This blog is a kind of electronic storage locker for ideas and quotes that inform my research... literary research into fiction for young adults (with a special focus on New Zealand fiction). Kiwis are producing amazing literature for younger readers, but it isn't getting the academic appreciation it deserves. I hope readers of this blog can make use of the material I gather and share by way of promoting our fiction. Cheers!
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