Quality Teaching Early Foundations

In 2003, the Ministry published the following report on Quality Teaching, Early Foundations (I am just reproducing snippets – it’s available online):

“This synthesis addresses the question of:

“What works in early childhood teaching for maximising children’s learning outcomes and reducing disparities amongst diverse children?”

In New Zealand , early childhood is defined as the period of education from birth to approximately five or six years of age1. Research evidence on children’s learning points to early childhood as the foundation years for later learning and development2. The evidence indicates that children’s experiences during early childhood are critical. Quality teaching is identified as the key lever for improving outcomes for diverse children3 4. This synthesis outlines what teachers can do, based on the combined best research evidence, to provide diverse children with a strong foundation for future learning.”

“A wide review of the research on teaching and learning linked to child outcomes,” the author continues, “has produced seven characteristics of quality early foundations teaching.” These are:

1. Effective Pedagogy Involves Working with Children as Emergent Learners

2. Pedagogy is Informed by Contextual Knowledge of Children’s Learning

3. Effective Teachers Use Content Knowledge Confidently to Support and Extend Children’s Learning in Interactive and Play-based Situations

4. Pedagogy Scaffolds, Co-Constructs, Promotes Metacognitive Strategies and also Facilitates Children’s Learning in the Context of Adult/Older Child Activities

5. The Social Setting is Organised in Ways that Support Learning and Maximises Outcomes

6. The Physical Setting is Organised in Ways that Support Learning and Maximises Outcomes

7. Teaching is Responsive to Children’s Physical and Emotional Well-being

Ref: Sarah-Eve Farquhar (2003) Quality Teaching Early Foundations: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES). Ministry of Education  http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/series/2515/5963


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