“kindness poses a deep puzzle”

“The behaviour of babies shows that we’ve got kindness built in” ~ Paul Bloom, p.44

“kindness poses a deep puzzle” ~ Paul Bloom, p.44

“As a developmental psychologist,” Paul Bloom writes, “I am interested in the origins of …[human] kindness. It seems that much of it is part of human nature, not the product of culture or parenting.” ~ Paul Bloom, p.44

This article is more of a short, thought-provoking discussion piece, than anything, but Bloom does go on to explain a series of interesting experiments he has conducted with very young babies, which lead him to assert that babies “have… the foundations of morality.” (p.44)

“A theory of human kindness,” he concludes, “needs two parts. The core of our moral sense is explained by our evolved nature, but its extension to strangers is the product of our culture, our intelligence and our imagination.” (p.45)

Ref: Paul Bloom (2010) That warm, fuzzy feeling New Scientist 16 October, pp.44-45


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