traditional ‘feminine’ roles and the professionalization of ECE

Here are a couple more interesting points from the essay by Judith T. Wagner that I mentioned yesterday (these ones on gender, professionalism and teacher-child relationships):

“…as Strand notes, because ECE represents the professionalization of traditional feminine nurturing roles, the field occupies a relatively weak position compared to other fields of knowledge and scholarship.” (p.300)

As Lenz Taguchi observes, though, “the central role of ‘female nurturing’ in early education is today being challenged by post-structural feminist ideology and contemporary educational theory focusing on children as active investigators of the world, constructors of their own knowledge, and, essentially, creators of their own, individual ‘self.'” (p.300)

Ref: (italics in original, emphases in blue bold mine) Judith T. Wagner ‘An Outsider’s Perspective: Childhoods and Early Education in the Nordic Countries’ pp.289-306 Eds. Johanna Einarsdottir and Judith T. Wagner (2006) Nordic Childhoods and Early Education; Philosophy, Research, Policy, and Practice in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Information Age Publishing: Greenwich, Connecticut


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