Just thinking about questions and questioning in the classroom – I liked this set of prompts, titled ‘BLOOM’S TAXONOMY AND THE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF QUESTIONS’

The author of this page writes: “As teachers and as people part of the world, we ask questions to our learners and people everyday. Not all questions are on the same level. Some questions are easy to answer where other questions may require a great deal of thinking.

Bloom (1956) has provided us with his taxonomy to assist us to compose questions on different levels of thinking. This taxonomy ranges from lower to higher levels of cognitive thinking. These levels are…:

(1)    Knowledge

(2)    Comprehension

(3)    Application

(4)    Analysis

(5)    Synthesis

(6)    Evaluation”

The author of this page provides numerous examples under each heading, breaking the levels down into : ‘useful verbs’, ‘sample question stems’, and ‘potential activities and products’.


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This blog is a kind of electronic storage locker for ideas and quotes that inform my research... literary research into fiction for young adults (with a special focus on New Zealand fiction). Kiwis are producing amazing literature for younger readers, but it isn't getting the academic appreciation it deserves. I hope readers of this blog can make use of the material I gather and share by way of promoting our fiction. Cheers!
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