LATE at the Museum

Looks great: LATE: Of Gods and Men, SMART Talk series, 2013

I missed most of them, but hopefully Radio NZ National will pick them up again:

I especially would have liked to attend:

LATE: Tangaroa – Our Oceans

Paua Gathering, Turangi Reef Near Wellington, New Zealand© Robin MorrisonAuckland War Memorial Museum, Pictorial Collection

“It’s a challenging topic – how to manage our greatest asset, our oceans, and as importantly, what lies beneath them. It’s said we know more about the moon than we do about the deep ocean – so, a lot to learn. The oceans used to be in the hands of the gods – Tangaroa and Poseidon.

“The issues relating to over-fishing translate directly to the New Zealand experience. There is a growing call for a far bigger percentage of New Zealand waters to go into protected marine reserves – and of course, that gets all very political.

“If Tangaroa or Poseidon were to travel to modern day New Zealand and have a couple of quiets together, overlooking the sparking Hauraki Gulf, with the yachties, and the boaties, and the ferry sailing past, I think there would be only one thing on their mind. They’d turn to each other and go – where are the fish!? Join Wallace Chapman, Dr Rochelle Constantine and others talking about our oceans in this most important of panels.”

I believe there’s one more to go this year:

LATE: Aphrodite – Beauty


Mighty Aphrodite. She was a looker. Her power came from her beauty. Now that we’re in the 21st century, how many stone-cold foxes is that true for? Who decides what value we place on beauty? Magazines and websites have been known to pass judgement. The male gaze has a bit to answer for… but what if it happens closer to home? What if it starts with your parents? Isn’t it our families who first let us know – however indirectly – whether we’re plain or pretty?

Stay out LATE for this discussion whether you get fired up by the politics of beauty, or you’re just out for the night with your hot self, cruising for someone equally good-looking. Join Noelle McCarthy and Dr Aroha Yates-Smith, (curator of Hine Hine the exhibition honouring the legacy of the Māori) as they ruminate on whether in a global culture of pin-ups, hook ups and celebrity tweets, appearance is all that matters.

Smart talk

Mighty Aphrodite. Her power came from her beauty. How relevant is that in the 21st century? Join Noelle McCarthy, Dr Aroha Yates-Smith, Caroline Daley, and Colin Mathura-Jeffree as they ruminate on whether in a global culture of pin-ups, hook ups and celebrity tweets, appearance is all that matters.

Great Music

Vanilu. Maxwell. Baker: LATE favourite Warren Maxwell introduces us to his new group – three of the country’s most distinctive soulful voices and songwriters.

Great food

Enjoy a menu created specially by the chefs at Dawsons.


Doors Open
All galleries open
Bar and platters available in Atrium
Bar and hot food available in Event Centre (until 8.30 ish)
19:15 – 20:15
Smart Talk in Events Centre with Noelle McCarty, Dr Aroha Yates-Smith, Caroline Daley and Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Great Music in Atrium with Maxwell. Vanilau. Baker
Bar and Galleries close
All finished

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