History of Kindergartens

Reading about Froebel and a little of the history of kindergartens the other day, I got curious. What (his)stories are there out there about kindergarten?

So, just a quick scan of the information availableInventing Kindergarten:

According to Peter Weston, “Friedrich Froebel was probably the most influential educationalist of the nineteenth century. He turned common sense upside down by arguing that the most important part of schooling was the pre-school period. He claimed that the health and happiness of the individual, the family and the state depended on the quality of pre-school education, at a time when there was virtually no public provision for it. He invented the concept and word kindergarten, and he began programmes of training for women kindergarten teachers, at a time when teaching was almost entirely a male profession.” (italics in original, p.1, Friedrich Froebel: his life, times & significance)



Apparently, “The Free Kindergarten movement in New Zealand had its beginnings in Dunedin in 1889. It had its origins in a thought. The Rev Rutherford Waddell, passing up and down Walker Street, ‘longed in some way to help the waifs and strays who played in somewhat unsanitary conditions in that neighbourhood’.

Learmonth Dalrymple, who had helped to establish Otago Girl’s High School, was interested in the education of young children and published a pamphlet in 1879 suggesting that at three years old children should be taught in schools based on the ideas of German educationalist Friedrich Frobel. Mark Cohen, editor of the Dunedin Star, had contact with a flourishing kindergarten in San Francisco and hoped to see a kindergarten established in Dunedin.”







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