Little ninjas learn safe play

I couldn’t agree more!

There’s an article in today’s Herald online that presents the results of a Massey study into children’s physical education. It states: “Training babies to become shoulder-rolling “little ninjas” could reduce the rate of children seriously injuring themselves in homes and playgrounds, new research suggests.

The findings of a government-funded study have prompted calls for subsidised courses that use challenging play equipment to teach infants vital balance, safety and motor development skills before they can even walk.”

They learn to roll really easily too – hopefully not with their heads first!!! I don’t know why people teach that – much safer to roll shoulder to hip and keep the neck and head our of it (just watch the stunt men if you don’t know what I mean).

Little ninjas learn safe play. By Jamie Morton, 5:30 AM Monday Feb 10, 2014, The New Zealand Herald


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