Reflective questions about information sharing and accessing specialists

And again with the reflective questions, this time from Quality in Action: Te Mahi Whai Hua:

“How does our service promote a regular, two-way flow of information between educators and parents/whanau?
How effective are the records we maintain on each child? How often do we use them? Does our record-keeping inform our practice?
How do we ensure that our assessment methods are culturally appropriate?” (p.57)

“What are our policies and procedures for accessing specialist services?
How does our service integrate advice from specialist services into the curriculum?
How well do we understand the different views of health held by parents/whanau at our service? How do these influence our practice?
How do we involve whanau when accessing specialist services for Maori children?” (p.55)

Ref: Ministry of Education Quality in Action: Te Mahi Whai Hua: Implementing the Revised Statement of Desirable Objectives and Practices in New Zealand Early Childhood Services. Learning Media: Wellington


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