A good question – the image of the child

“Make a list of five materials that you regularly provide to children. What values and images of children do these materials suggest?” (P.57)

“Choose a typical material in your room and observe how the children use it. Draw on the children’s use of the material to brainstorm a list of ideas of other ways this material might be used or added to. Try something from your list, observing what happens with the children as a result.” (P.60)

“How are the environment and materials impacting what’s unfolding and what changes could be made?” (P.65)

Ref: Learning Together with Young Children: A Curriculum Framework for Reflective teachers – Deb Curtis, Margie Carter (2008)


About backyardbooks

This blog is a kind of electronic storage locker for ideas and quotes that inform my research... literary research into fiction for young adults (with a special focus on New Zealand fiction). Kiwis are producing amazing literature for younger readers, but it isn't getting the academic appreciation it deserves. I hope readers of this blog can make use of the material I gather and share by way of promoting our fiction. Cheers!
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