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Child and wild animal – food for thought

“During nearly all the history of our species man has lived in association with large, often terrifying, but always exciting animals. Models of the survivors, toy elephants, giraffes and pandas, are an integral part of contemporary childhood. If all these … Continue reading

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Just a couple of interesting quotes from Jack Zipes’s book, sticks and stones: “The more we invest in children, the more we destroy their future. There is no way out of the paradox that we have created, unless we reconsider … Continue reading

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Kids need food

Advocating a healthier, low-sugar diet for kids, Sarah Wilson writes: “Kids need food every 3-4 hours. Kids need to eat regularly to maintain a blood glucose concentration high enough to support the activity of their brain and nervous system. The … Continue reading

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The surprisingly logical mind of babies

Another fantastic TED talk…

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Oh fantastic

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When children have agency in their play

“When children have agency in their play, they learn to have agency in their lives.” ~ Cas Holman Just reading a particularly interesting article, ‘The Case For Letting Kids Design Their Own Play’ – by Cas Holman She writes: … Continue reading

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It’s a good question

Many moons ago, but in an influential piece of writing, R Bishop and T Glynn write: “Whose interests and agendas is the education system established to promote? In New Zealand Maori people have been denied participation in the decision-making systems … Continue reading

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A good question – the image of the child

“Make a list of five materials that you regularly provide to children. What values and images of children do these materials suggest?” (P.57) “Choose a typical material in your room and observe how the children use it. Draw on the … Continue reading

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How many today live in a language that is not their own? 

“How many today live in a language that is not their own? Or no longer, or not yet, even know their own and know poorly the major language that they are forced to serve? This is the problem of immigrants, … Continue reading

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Bread of Medieval Britain

I’m still interested in bread (and other food staples and how they relate to food literacy and education more generally). I found an old booklet in which Maggie Black explains the breads of medieval Britain. She writes: “Bread was everyone’s … Continue reading

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