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Age segregation vs mixed-age learning

I’m rather enjoying Peter Gray’s Free to Learn… consider some of what he writes on the segregation of children according to age in school: “Age segregation and lack of opportunities for free play add to the forces that work against … Continue reading

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Louise Porter

Have I mentioned how wonderful this resource is? DVD Resource* Guiding children’s behaviour (2008, Small Poppies International) This live recording presents the differences between guidance and the use of controls, offers alternatives to rewards, presents methods for guiding children when … Continue reading

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A classroom that avoids punishment as a learning tool

After describing some of her worse teacher moments telling children off for their mess (beautifully and reassuringly described, as might be expected from her), Vivian Gussin Paley offers her thoughts on teacher intervention in disruptive play: She first discusses how a … Continue reading

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Manners make us human

Valerie Curtis “argue[s] that, far from being an old-fashioned set of rules about which fork to use, manners are so important that they should be up there with fire and the invention of language as a prime candidate for what … Continue reading

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(seriously) excessive TV viewing in childhood is associated with increased antisocial behavior in early adulthood

I haven’t had a chance to read this through, but the abstract alone is pretty eye-catching… (and its a New Zealand study!) In a study published this year, Lindsay A. Robertson, Helena M. McAnally and Robert J. Hancox write: “abstract … Continue reading

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