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Froebel and his kindergarten

Tina Bruce explains that “[Friedrich] Froebel [(1782-1852)] was the inventor of the kindergarten.” (p.56) “Froebel’s ideas have entered mainstream educational practice, but at the time he put them forward, they were revolutionary. Froebel did not set down his ideas with … Continue reading

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What you learn in the garden is closely linked with natural cycles

This introduction to permaculture may better make sense of why I include information on water cycles and such things in a blog ostensibly interested in education/literacy… Ross Mars explains: “Many people think of food gardens and self-sufficiency when they think … Continue reading

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Where to start? Childhood success in gardening

Originally posted on Tikorangi The Jury Garden:
Lobelia and pansies – two choices among many quick maturing annuals I was chatting to a Waikato reader this week and we got on to the subject of encouraging children to garden. It’s…

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