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Kaitiaki Collective – democratic schooling in NZ

Fantastic to hear! http://kaitiakicollective.weebly.com/ “Kia ora!  Join us in creating a democratic school in Auckland, based in part on the Sudbury Valley School model, and rooted in indigenous Maori wisdom.” Advertisements

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We cannot uncover every thought that influences a child

“We cannot uncover every thought that influences a child. Nor is it necessary. The connections between one event and another will be made in the process of living, at home and at school. In both places the adult who listens … Continue reading

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Education, citizenship, knowledge economies and ‘The Disappearance of Adulthood’

I quite enjoyed this article… there were parts of it I wanted to question him further on, but lots of it that just made a pile of sense… these are those bits: Lawrence Quill writes: “In 1982, Neil Postman wrote The … Continue reading

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A romantic education

“While romanticism emphasizes individuality, originality, imagination, emotional expression, freedom and idealism, realism emphasizes reality, objectivity, detachment, accurate observation and rejection of the impractical and visionary (Baker and Kemper, 2004).” (Tan, 489) Tan goes on to state that a romantic education … Continue reading

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