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Later I thought of many better answers, but this is what I said

This was another moment I really enjoyed when reading Jane Katch’s Under Deadman’s Skin. She has some very honest moments while writing up her teacher research: The children are discussing the recent school shooting in Littleton, Colorado, and one of the … Continue reading

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violence and the group experience

In her research into violent fantasy play in her classroom, Jane Katch initially expressed concern that the children were unsettled by such play and that it inhibited their engagement in lessons. This is not what her findings suggests, though; one … Continue reading

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“Instead of eliminating the script, make it a focus of classroom discourse”

A decade or so ago, Jane Katch wrote a book reflecting on her difficulties with her class’s use of violence in their fantasy play. I like the honesty of her writing and how she acknowledges the personal reasons behind so many of … Continue reading

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