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Age segregation vs mixed-age learning

I’m rather enjoying Peter Gray’s Free to Learn… consider some of what he writes on the segregation of children according to age in school: “Age segregation and lack of opportunities for free play add to the forces that work against … Continue reading

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“Men are suddenly nomadic gatherers of knowledge”

I like this phrase! Lawrence Quill attributes it to “that prophet of technology, Marshall McLuhan” (p.338), quoting him as saying: “…with electricity and automation, the technology of fragmented processes suddenly fuses with the human dialogue and the need for over-all consideration of human unity. Men … Continue reading

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Making sense of alcohol

Obviously, alcohol affects a number of students in New Zealand in different ways. I therefore found Jane and James Ritchies’ discussion of it interesting. They write: “Throughout human history, alcohol has been associated with festivities and times of emotional release. … Continue reading

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In their book, A New Culture of Learning, Thomas and Brown explore the concept of education as it applies to the twenty first century. In a world of constant change and ready access to information and new forms of interaction, … Continue reading

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Nordic Children’s Foodscapes

If I haven’t already said this… this is one of my favourite articles. It had a huge impact on our food curriculum: Johansson,Barbro, et al. (2009) Nordic Children’sFoodscapes Food,Culture&Society 12(1), March, pp.26-51 “A study of the different food messages that … Continue reading

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Children’s environmentalism; How do children contribute to a sustainable world?

Bengt Larsson, Magnus Andersson and Christina Osbeck present a review of the literature they considered relevant to any research into environmentalist practices among children. There are some quite complex issues in the article, so I confess to wanting to read it … Continue reading

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