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When children have agency in their play

“When children have agency in their play, they learn to have agency in their lives.” ~ Cas Holman Just reading a particularly interesting article, ‘The Case For Letting Kids Design Their Own Play’ – by Cas Holman  http://www.fastcodesign.com/3048508/the-case-for-letting-kids-design-their-own-play She writes: … Continue reading

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The educable animal

Peter Gray describes humans as ‘the educable animal’ (p.112) and I found this really interesting, because humans are also described as the storytelling animal… but storytelling is one way in which we meet our educational needs (in terms of education … Continue reading

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Just thinking about questions and questioning in the classroom – I liked this set of prompts, titled ‘BLOOM’S TAXONOMY AND THE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF QUESTIONS’ http://www.nmmu.ac.za/cyberhunt/bloom.htm The author of this page writes: “As teachers and as people part of the … Continue reading

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Different ways of questioning

Wellington and Osborne on questioning again… “It is …useful to consider and classify the various types of question used by teachers during classroom dialogue. Some are closed questions having only one acceptable answer, e.g. ‘what is the organ which pumps blood … Continue reading

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Rethinking conversations: the role of the adult is created through the thinking and experiences of the child – Iorio

Jeanne Marie Iorio points out that: “As teachers, researchers, caregivers, and people who take care of children, we are often in conversation with children. Yet, how often do we really spend time thinking about the act of speaking with a child? How do … Continue reading

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Questions are central…

“Questions are central to creative work” ~Ursula Kolbe Ref: (p.112) Ursula Kolbe (2007) Rapunzel’s Supermarket: All about young children and their art. Second Edn. Pippinot Press: Byron Bay, NSW.

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Questioning – using ‘why’

It may seem random, but I am interested in ‘questioning’ and saw this article by Galina B. Bolden & Jeffrey D. Robinson on the topic. According to these authors, “In conversation, the action of directly asking someone to account for … Continue reading

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Science is…

“Science is all about asking questions and seeking answers to them….” (p.27) Ref: Julian Cribb and Tjempaka Sari (2010) Open Science: sharing knowledge in the global century. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood

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More on language in science

More from Jerry Wellington and Jonathan Osborne on language in science: “More than anything else, learning science means learning to talk the language of science. Ideas in science are communicated through words, charts, diagrams, symbols, pictures and mathematics. Just as acquiring competency … Continue reading

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Questioning in ECE

Still thinking about Science in ECE… and found an article that might be relevant, because it touches on one of the areas in which ECE practitioners could perhaps improve in terms of the foundations they provide (?)… Iram Siraj-Blatchford and Laura … Continue reading

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