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Little ninjas learn safe play

I couldn’t agree more! There’s an article in today’s Herald online that presents the results of a Massey study into children’s physical education. It states: “Training babies to become shoulder-rolling “little ninjas” could reduce the rate of children seriously injuring … Continue reading

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Risk aversity

Oh there’s so much great stuff on Radio National… Ideas for 15 April 2012 This week looks at the issue of child safety. Have we become too risk averse where our children are concerned. (50′48″) Download: Ogg Vorbis  MP3 | … Continue reading

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Are children safe at home?

In a study of children’s perceptions of and responses to risk and safety in North Belfast, Madeleine Leonard writes: “One of the primary settings for children’s daily lives is the home. According to Bronfenbrenner (1979), children’s first experience of the … Continue reading

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Another interesting looking article that caught my eye is one that adopts Foucault’s concept of ‘heterotopias’ to analyse the construction of childhood. The author, Sara McNamee, introduces her thoughts in this way: “Jenks (1996) has argued that childhood is constructed … Continue reading

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