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The ‘transitional space’ of imaginary play

I’m still working off Graham Music’s book Nurturing Natures. Music writes: “The psychoanalyst Winnicott argued that what he called the ‘transitional space’ of imaginary play is the basis for all cultural activity, and he stated that ‘Cultural experience begins with … Continue reading

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Expressive symbolism in spontaneous play before two years of age

“Expressive symbolic play may fill a heuristic role in the small child’s attempt to assimilate events and feelings for which he does not yet have concepts or words.” ~ William M Schafer p.17 Some years ago now, William M Schafer … Continue reading

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Another quote on the value of play

“Play – it’s natural for young children. We see children engaging in play almost from the moment of birth. They play with their hands; they play with sounds; and they play with almost anything anywhere. Animals and adult humans engage … Continue reading

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