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Children’s participation in research

Introducing her research into the nature of children’s playground games and rhymes in the new media age, Jackie Marsh describes her views on children’s participation in research. It makes for interesting discussion: “Building on the work of the new sociology … Continue reading

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the Teacher-led Innovation Fund

http://www.edgazette.govt.nz/Articles/Article.aspx?ArticleId=9022 good to know… (for more details:) http://www.education.govt.nz/ministry-of-education/specific-initiatives/investing-in-educational-success/

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violence and the group experience

In her research into violent fantasy play in her classroom, Jane Katch initially expressed concern that the children were unsettled by such play and that it inhibited their engagement in lessons. This is not what her findings suggests, though; one … Continue reading

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“Instead of eliminating the script, make it a focus of classroom discourse”

A decade or so ago, Jane Katch wrote a book reflecting on her difficulties with her class’s use of violence in their fantasy play. I like the honesty of her writing and how she acknowledges the personal reasons behind so many of … Continue reading

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The value of research

“Research moves us beyond treating knowledge domains as topics that are no more than lists of facts. Research helps us understand why some aspects of a domain are easy to understand and other aspects are more complex. For example, constructivist … Continue reading

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Excellent research advice

“Research is tricky and time consuming, but there are a couple of ways of approaching it.  First things first, internet is a fast way to get information, but it’s not always accurate.  You need to start building your research library.  … Continue reading

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Learning communities are not homogenous; there is a need for teacher research

J Amos Hatch writes that “It has never been more important for teachers of young children to explore ways to examine and improve their own practice. The steady drumbeat from federal, state, and local education officials is to prescribe curriculum, … Continue reading

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