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Also looks interesting – Howard Gardner & Steven Pinker – Lives of the Mind


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How the Brain Creates Culture

Chris Frith has written and spoken on the topic of how the brain creates both our mental world and culture. I am just beginning to read his work, but I do like this point (made by Frith in his book, … Continue reading

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What comes first – the motor pattern or the feeling?

Again, and still working with Moshe Feldenkrais’s ideas, this is such an interesting stance on learning… Feldenkrais once wrote: “It takes us longer to think the numbers from twenty to thirty than from one to ten, although the numerical intervals … Continue reading

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movement and emotion

Introducing a collection of papers by Moshe Feldenkrais, David Zemach-Bersin also explains Feldenkrais’s approach: “Feldenkrais provides us with some of the most cogent and sophisticated arguments ever made for the biological and functional unity of the mind and body. During … Continue reading

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