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The surprisingly logical mind of babies

Another fantastic TED talk… Advertisements

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Also looks interesting – Howard Gardner & Steven Pinker – Lives of the Mind

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How the Brain Creates Culture

Chris Frith has written and spoken on the topic of how the brain creates both our mental world and culture. I am just beginning to read his work, but I do like this point (made by Frith in his book, … Continue reading

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What comes first – the motor pattern or the feeling?

Again, and still working with Moshe Feldenkrais’s ideas, this is such an interesting stance on learning… Feldenkrais once wrote: “It takes us longer to think the numbers from twenty to thirty than from one to ten, although the numerical intervals … Continue reading

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Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa writes: “Perhaps the author who has done the most to explain neuroplasticity to the public is physician Norman Doidge, who has documented studies that “showed that children are not always stuck with the mental abilities they are born … Continue reading

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